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The OC

The OC Episode Claiming Community
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I'm sure that most of you are aware what a claiming community does, right?
If not, then read on.

What is the_oc_ep_claim?

the_oc_ep_claim is designed for all you OC-worshippers to start claiming any OC episodes ever featured by tv(!)
For eg: The Heights, The Perfect Couple, The Strip, The Ties That Bind, The Distance, The Ex-Factor, etc.

Unfortunately, this community is in no way affiliated with The OC and its cast, Fox or Josh Schwartz in anyway. I'm just a sad sod who's taken her love or obsession of The OC to the next level. lol.

Thank you and have Fun. I'll put up on a board on who's collected or claimed what so far.

P.S: You can ONLY claim up to a maximum of 3 episodes. You may request up until 5 but depending on the Moderator, annemckenzie. If you would like to share or request more than 3, you need to apply with myself and I will present my decision henceforth.

Rules & Regulations:

1- Just introduce yourself in your introductory post of claim (include which Season too!) with the following:-

Fave OC Character:

2- Pls dnt write lyk dis cuz its v annoying and nt nice 2 c. thnx.